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The Van

So, our little van and all you need to know about it! Let’s start by telling you it’s a Piaggio Ape 50 and is fitted with a state of the art cooling system to keep the fizz as cool as needed, it has two pumps onboard that can be used for Frizzante 1754 or Peroni the choice is yours! The van will also be carrying bottles of Prosecco for you to purchase and offering various Prosecco and Peroni cocktail idea’s too!

The Piaggio Ape 50 van is small enough to fit inside at venues as well as looking lovely sat at the entrance of any event, the van will actually be serving Frizzante 1754 from the pump which if you pop over to our Alcohol page will explain the different name given when coming from the pump and we will then have Prosecco by the bottle too.

The van can be themed to match your event including various lights and signs as required, speak with our fabulous team about the theme you are looking for the possibilities we have to make your event have something a little bit different and be totally Fabulous!

Mobile Prosecco Van
Mobile Prosecco Van

The Drinks

Prosecco 1754 and Frizzante 1754

Prosecco is the drink of the times outselling even Champagne, being a more affordable option and some say it tastes better too! Prosecco 1754 is the name given to the sparkling drink when kept in a glass bottle with less than 3 litres inside and is then poured into the flute due to Italian laws, if you have on the fizz on tap it becomes Frizzante 1754, this isn’t referred to as Prosecco in any way and is served as Frizzante 1754 from our van, it is exactly the same liquid in the draught Frizzante 1754 as in the bottles of Prosecco 1754 so it’s just a simple name change for the draught Fizz we have, they both have the same great Italian taste and are made with the Glera grapes.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Peroni was created way back in 1846 a medium strength lager with a distinctive pale colouring and named after its founder Francesco Peroni. Francesco Peroni established his first brewery in Vigevano, in Pavia province. It was called Birra Peroni and still bears the founder’s name to this day. It was a combination of climate, close proximity to the mountains – where ice and glacial water was plentiful - and the quality of ingredients that helped Francesco create such a distinctive pale, medium-strength beer that within a short time had become vastly popular.